Adam Kiss's 1992 Efini Type R

In 1929 Felix Wankel decided he wasn't happy with the internal combustion engine and decided to go a bit mental and produce the Wankel Rotary engine, a feat of mechanical engineering mayhem ensued, this then gave Mazda a few moments to ponder a new car.

The birth of the Cosmo then gave way to the Eunos Cosmo until finally we arrive at Adams 92 Efini Type R RX7, (13B-REW) to be precise The 1.3 Wankel Rotary engine tucked under Adams hood is a far cry from the day it rolled off the production line at Mazda HQ Japan. This car however did not simply go from Showroom to street, this monster was a track car in Japan before it made its way to our shores.

It was imported into Ireland and 4 previous owners later and Adam took the keys. Trying to understand how a 1.3 engine can conceal over 340bhp is one of those mystery's that Stephen Hawkins can only figure out, But Adams beefy curvaceous Silver bullet has a few helping components to get him to this number. There are a lot of names under the hood which make most modified car owners go weak at the knees while causing some trouser tent action at the same time. Names like HKS, Trust, Exedy, Blistein to name but a few, these famous and some rare parts paint Adams engine bay from the ground up.

The turbo in this thing stings the ears with its whistles, cooled with the help of a Greddy intercooler and Trust intercooler hard pipes which are like the main artery's to the heart of this engine, the Greddy Type-S blow off valve sends fear up most skylines waste-gates and it breaths easy with the help of a HKS super reloaded twin induction kit, by this stage you are thinking this sounds like something from a Gran Turismo game, and it almost is.

The Blistein shocks and springs gets this curvy bullet around the bends while the converted push type clutch converted from pull type sorts out the shifting .As well as lightweight pulleys and a single plate Exedy clutch. a 1.5 way diff keeps the rear in check but still giving a little drift action. This car may be only 1.3 rotary but its not saving the polar bears, all the ozone saving nonsense has been removed to let the engine really flow at high revs, the FULL HKS system hums out the rear end . And to make sure all this collaboration of modified porn works correctly the brains are courtesy of A'pexi Power FC (ECU).

The exterior is one of subtle yet sexy, the already curved out RX7 has had a little redesign with the help of a new Border type II front bumper which is rarer than a Virgin in Dublin. OEM side skirts follow the contours of the body but still give a stand out look, Veilside alloys complete the side view, along with Adams pony tailed hair cut.

When inside the car Adams hangs onto this machine with Nardi steering wheel and keeps an eye on his engine with the help of a Blitz Oil Pressure Gauge a Blitz Water Temp gauge and a Blitz boost gauge, better than watching Christina Aguilera and Jessica Alba taking a bath together. Its good to see the individuality of modification and the Mazda is a car that stood out even from its first day off the production line, even today it still stands alone in its design, some cars you can compare to another but with the RX7 its like saying The house of waffles looks like the empire state building. This Mazda will continue to evolve under Adams ownership and I am sure there will be more to come, (where in gods name he is going to fit it in the engine we don't know), but we will watch it with a keen eye and if you hear a whistle and a roar behind you it may not be a bunch of builders on a sunny day, it may be Adams REX MONSTER about to over take you .

Submitted by and thanks to Adam Kiss and friend.

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